Barlak chathead

Barlak is a cave goblin who loves shells and bones, and likes to collect them for use in Construction and Crafting projects. He is located in a small isolated room on the west side of the bottom floor of Dorgesh-Kaan. To get to Barlak, run all the way to the south, west, and then north through a hallway.

Selling items

The player may sell special bones and shells to Barlak to obtain coins and experience. The experience received is affected by experience boosts such as the clan avatar and bonus experience. Note that during some parts of the quest, The Chosen Commander, players will not be able to sell items to Barlak. After the quest is completed, Barlak will be interested in purchasing items again.

Unlike most "extra" experience sources, the experience from Barlak is doubled by bonus experience.


Players can sell two types of bones to Barlak:


Players can sell four types of shells to Barlak:


Barlak's shop.

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