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Barley malt is an ingredient used in brewing, a division of the Cooking skill. Barley malt can be made by cooking barley on a range. Barley can be grown from exceedingly common seeds at Farming level 3, and can be protected by farmers for the price of three buckets of compost.

Barley malt is a critical ingredient in brewing. All types of ale require barley malt as an ingredient (note that cider is not an ale but requires barley malt as of 16 August 2017). To start brewing, a player must first go to one of the brewing vats located in either Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys. After adding two buckets of water to the brewing vat, a player must add two barley malt items to the vat, followed by the deciding ingredient and ale yeast.

6 barley malt are also used as farming protection payment of jute.


Barley malt.png Barley malt
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1 XP-411
Cooking Cooking level1
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