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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Barrel (The Tourist Trap)]]
*[[Barrel (The Tourist Trap)]]
*[[Grand Exchange Database]] - [ Current price]
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{{WP also}}

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For the barrel in the Warriors' Guild, see One barrel.
Barrel detail

Barrels spawn in Tyras camp, in the Mining Camp, and in the abandoned apple yard south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

A barrel is used:

The barrels are mainly used in the quests to be filled up with coal tar making a Barrel of coal-tar or rescue NPCs, as such in the Tourist Trap quest.


  • If you examine a barrel in front of the Varrock castle, it reads "RuneScape, land of a thousand barrels." This is a reference to countries that have a similar phrase related to them.

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