This article is about barricades found Soul Wars. For other uses, see Barricade (disambiguation).
For the item used in the Soul Wars tutorial, see Barricade (tutorial).
Barricade detail

A barricade is an item used in the Soul Wars minigame as portable obstacles to restrict enemy movement. The barricades have a set-up option that places the item on the ground below you as an attackable object with 10,000 life points. Each team in the minigame can have a maximum of 10 barricades set up. If the limit is reached, players on that team cannot set up more barricades unless some of the previously set up barricades are destroyed. Players cannot walk through barricades placed in that manner, and must destroy it by attacking, lighting it with a tinderbox, or using an explosive potion with it. Players gain no experience from attacking barricades. If you have reached your barricade limit a message in your chat box will inform you so. They are immune to poison.

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