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Barrowed Time is an achievement that requires the player to obtain all unique drops from The Barrows Brothers. Completing this achievement also grants the Graverobber title.

Items required

Corruption sigil Corruption sigil
Ahrim's hood Ahrim's hood
Ahrim's robe top Ahrim's robe top
Ahrim's robe skirt Ahrim's robe skirt
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff
Ahrim's wand Ahrim's wand
Ahrim's book of magic Ahrim's book of magic
Akrisae's hood Akrisae's hood
Akrisae's robe top Akrisae's robe top
Akrisae's robe skirt Akrisae's robe skirt
Akrisae's war mace Akrisae's war mace
Dharok's helm Dharok's helm
Dharok's platebody Dharok's platebody
Dharok's platelegs Dharok's platelegs
Dharok's greataxe Dharok's greataxe
Guthan's helm Guthan's helm
Guthan's platebody Guthan's platebody
Guthan's chainskirt Guthan's chainskirt
Guthan's warspear Guthan's warspear
Karil's coif Karil's coif
Karil's top Karil's top
Karil's skirt Karil's skirt
Karil's crossbow Karil's crossbow
Karil's pistol crossbow Karil's pistol crossbow
Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow
Torag's helm Torag's helm
Torag's platebody Torag's platebody
Torag's platelegs Torag's platelegs
Torag's hammer Torag's hammer
Verac's helm Verac's helm
Verac's brassard Verac's brassard
Verac's plateskirt Verac's plateskirt
Verac's flail Verac's flail
Linza's helm Linza's helm
Linza's cuirass Linza's cuirass
Linza's greaves Linza's greaves
Linza's hammer Linza's hammer
Linza's shield Linza's shield


  • As of 25 January 2018, 11 people had achieved this feat.[1] This was the least achieved feat at that time.
  • The achievement name is a play on the phrase "borrowed time".


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