This article is about the tradeable amulets. For the quest reward, see Barrows amulet (Missing, Presumed Death).
Barrows amulet detail

Barrows amulets are obtained as a reward from Barrows: Rise of the Six. The amulet can be used to skip up to three Barrows brothers per run in the Barrows minigame by using the amulet on the sarcophagus. Barrows amulets cannot be used against the brothers in Rise of the Six, nor can they be used against Linza the Disgraced.

When used on one of the sarcophagi within the Barrows, you receive the message "You hear a cry from within the sarcophagus as you shatter the amulet", and the Barrows brother's name appears under the list of Brothers slain

The Barrows amulet can also be used for the brother guarding the tunnels. Simply use the amulet on the treasure chest and it will kill the brother, yielding the message "A cry echoes around the tomb as you shatter the amulet."

However, in order to use the amulet on a brother, he must not be physically present. If you accidentally spawn him, you must make him disappear (running out of a crypt for non-tunnels and running far away from the brother in the tunnel) before the amulet can be used. Using the amulet on the brothers themselves has no effect. Using an amulet on the sarcophagus whilst a brother is spawned provides the message, "You have already summoned that Barrows brother."

Non-tradeable versions of the amulets may also be obtained, as a reward following the completion of the Missing, Presumed Death quest.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Barrows: Rise of the SixN/A3–10Common
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