Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Defence
Level 8
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Shield
Cooldown 15 seconds
Bash your target with your shield, dealing up to the sum of 100% weapon damage plus your shield's armour value.
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Bash is a basic Defence ability. Despite the description, when activated, the player deals 20-100% of the sum of their ability damage, shield armour value, and Defence level.

For example, with a tier 90 main-hand weapon and shield (and no other equipment), and level 99 Strength and Defence, Bash deals 20-100% of 1701 damage. Under these conditions, the normal ability damage is 1111, so this corresponds to a 30.6–153.1% ability. This makes Bash one of the more potent basic abilities, especially as several of the strong basic abilities are not usable with a shield.

Bash works no differently when using a defender, however the values change as defenders have different equipment stats. Using the above conditions with a tier 90 defender instead of a shield, the effective ability damage of Bash is 1794. As the normal ability damage is increased to 1450, this now corresponds to a 24.7–123.7% ability. Despite the lower percentage, this means that Bash is stronger with a defender than a shield. Generally, this further means that while using a defender, Bash could be used to replace Tuska's Wrath in a revolution bar while not on a Slayer assignment against the target.


  • Before the Legacy Mode update, Bash would stun the target and deal 100% weapon damage.
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