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| class =Melee
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| image = Basic decorative sword equipped.png{{!}}225px
| image = Basic decorative sword equipped.png{{!}}225px
| caption = A player wearing a basic decorative armour}}
| caption = A player wearing a basic decorative armour}}

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Basic decorative equipment is a reward from the Castle Wars activity. It consists of a Basic decorative helm, a Basic decorative platebody, Basic decorative platelegs, a Basic decorative shield, and a Basic decorative sword. Wearing the basic platebody, platelegs and shield during a Castle Wars match gives you +10% damage against the enemy team.

Requires level 10 Defence to equip the Helm, Platebody, Platelegs, and shield. Requires level 5 Attack to wield the Sword.

Just like all of the other types of castle wars armour, using just one or two pieces of the armour gives a damage bonus. The damage bonus works as follows: Any one piece gives +4% damage, two give +6%, and the set gives 10%.

With 28 Construction, the helm, platebody and shield can be put in the Skill Hall.

Combat Stats
RequirementsBasic decorative sword equipped
Unknown edit
Attack MeleeNone
Unknown edit
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour42PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points285Style bonuses


  • Even after the EOC (Evolution of Combat) update the Defence skillbook still states that Level 5 Defence is required to equip the armour, though Level 10 Defence is actually Required to equip this armour.


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