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A basilisk head is a very rare drop from Basilisks, which require 40 Slayer to kill. It is a unique drop, although the ring of wealth will help in getting the drop. It can be mounted in player-owned houses in the Skill Hall at level 38 Construction, or turned into a Baby basilisk pet. Both methods are one-time uses and the head cannot be reclaimed.

If players wish to have the basilisk head mounted, it must be taken to the taxidermist in Canifis. She will charge 4,000 coins and turn it into a stuffed basilisk head. They may then mount it in their player-owned house by using 2 teak planks with the stuffed head.

If players wish to make a baby basilisk pet, they must take it, either stuffed or unstuffed, to Nomad (or Zimberfizz after the completion of Nomad's Requiem) at Soul Wars. They will then charge 40 zeal points to turn the basilisk head into a baby basilisk pet. The baby basilisk can be fed eyes of newt.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Basilisk70; 771Very rare


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