Basket pack detail

A basket pack is an item pack containing 50 noted baskets.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Alice's Farming ShopAlice's farm50Coins 25Coins 1Yes
Head Farmer Jones's Farming ShopTaverley50Coins 25Coins 1No
Papa Mambo's ShopHerblore Habitat50Coins 25Coins 100Yes
Richard's Farming ShopArdougne50Coins 25Coins 1Yes
Sarah's Farming ShopFalador farm50Coins 25Coins 1Yes
Vanessa's Farming ShopCatherby50Coins 25Coins 1Yes


The pack has two options: Open and Open-All. "Open" can be used to deposit items from a single pack, while "Open-All" can be used to deposit items from all packs.


Purchasing all 100 packs will cost you 5000 coins and yield 5000 baskets.

Selling them on the Grand Exchange for 15000 coins nets a profit/loss of 10,000 coins.


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