Battered letter detail

The battered letter is an item received from backpack (along with a Heat orb) obtained during The Temple at Senntisten quest. It serves no purpose apart from to give clues to players how to complete the puzzle in the Castle in high-level wilderness. It is a note by "J" to Azzanadra, the Mahjarrat currently residing in the Zarosian Temple under the digsite. The identity of "J" is unknown. The letter itself is riddled with blood in a various spots.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Battered letter.


I am ill prepared for this mission. I must abandon my duties or I shall perish.

Despair not, for I have found the enclosed artefact. It will help you enter the fortress, where more of these strange globes can be found.

Had I been able to draw them to me just a short distance, I could have succeeded!

Oh, to come so close, yet be held back for want of runes!

Your humble servant, J.


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