Battle of Atarisundri
Battle of Atarisundri
The gnomes and goblins do not engage in direct combat.
Thorobshuun - Gnome War
Approximately 1950 of the Fourth Age
South of the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Decisive gnomish victory, beginning of the Golden Age of the Gnomes, increased separation of the southern and northern gnomish factions, further decline of the Thorobshuun Tribe
Northern Gnomish Empire Thorobshuun Goblin Tribe
King Healthorg the Great, Glouphrie the Untrusted, Hazelmere the Ethereal, Oacknock the Engineer Unknown
Several thousand gnome soldiers, Gnomish Terrorbird Regiment, Armoured Tortoise Regiment More than 10,000 Thorobshuun Goblin Footsoldiers
None None

The Battle of Atarisundri was a battle that took place in the late Fourth Age. It was fought between the gnomes that had settled in northern Kandarin and the tribe of Thorobshuun goblins that inhabited the areas to the south.


The Tree Gnome Stronghold in the north and the Tree Gnome Village in the south were becoming increasingly separated; General Khazard had found a foothold in the middle of Kandarin, while Hazeel continued to control the land that is now Ardougne. Hordes of human settlers were beginning to gain power, while violent goblin tribes had begun to cause conflict amongst the races.

The Tree Gnome Stronghold had fallen into disrepair following the gnomes' departure from the surface during the God Wars, and as a result was slightly less fortified than it is today. A particularly violent tribe of goblins, the Thorobshuun saw the gnomes as enemies and prepared to launch a massive assault from the forests north of Arandar.

The Battle

The gnomes and goblins met on a field south of the Stronghold, each taking a side fortified with barriers and trenches. Despite the gnomes' massive numbers, the goblin army was even greater in size. The gnomes knew that there was little hope of victory.

As the two sides faced each other, four gnomes approached the front of the field; King Healthorg, the gnomes' ruler; Glouphrie, mage and advisor; Hazelmere advisor and friend of Healthorg; and Oaknock, a gnomish engineer. Of them, only Healthorg was mounted, seated upon the war tortoise Mibbiwocket, which had been presented to him by the adventurer Admiral Bake several years previous.

As the goblins prepared to advance, Glouphrie used an illusionary spell to make it appear that there were many more tortoises than there actually were. The goblins, foolishly fearing anything bigger than them, fled, never to return to the Stronghold. In this way, the gnomes won the battle without a single casualty on either side.


The gnomes, following the victory, entered a Golden Age, although their two settlements continued to grow more divided. Glouphrie, having won great trust during the battle, soon gained considerable influence in the gnome government. This was until he hid the death of Argento, a silver Spirit Tree and close friend of Hazelmere. When this was discovered, Glouphrie was banished, earning him the name "The Untrusted." Some time later he founded the mysterious city of Arposandra.



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