The Duke's Dilemma was a weekly player-choice event during the Battle of Lumbridge world event.

Duke Horacio's dilemma on rebuilding Lumbridge

Lumbridge was very badly damaged by the battle, and Duke Horacio was working on rebuilding the city. Each week he asked players to vote on how to allocate the town's emergency resources toward dealing with various situations pertaining to this goal. The Duke had a total of 160,000 coins to use for rebuilding. The situation changed periodically through the world event. Players were limited later on in the event by the amount of money they had spent. Voting was done by either speaking to Duke Horacio, using the right-click option "Manage-Crisis", or by accessing the lectern in his room.

Regardless of which option the player chose, they were rewarded with an amount of bonus experience for voting, which players could add to a skill of their choosing (e.g. "The Duke grants you an XP bonus. This will be used up as you earn XP in this skill."). Players would earn double experience as they earned experience in the skill, until the XP bonus from Duke Horacio decreased to zero. The remaining bonus experience could have been checked by hovering over the chosen skill in the skills menu.


For the first two weeks, this activity was available to both members and free players. However, free players cannot use the experience. They must become members to use the experience. Beginning in the third week, the activity was available only to members.

At the beginning of week 7, the Duke's treasury had dropped to 5,000 coins. There were choices with the cost of up to 25,000 coins, but these choices were "greyed out" and not made available to players. At the end of week 7, the chosen option had cost nothing and the treasury remained at 5,000 coins. In addition, the chosen option had no impact whatsoever in-game, i.e. the bodies were not interred in the Lumbridge Catacombs.

At the beginning of week 8, all choices had a cost value of "remainder", and the final choice, at the end of week 8, left no remaining funds in the treasury. Similar to the outcome of week 8, this choice was not reflected in-game.

The Duke's Dilemma ended at the beginning of week 9 with no new dilemmas by Duke Horacio.

List of dilemmas

Week 1: Destruction of Homes

Dilemma Remaining treasury
Two crafters, each with a wife and child, have lost their homes in the destruction. There is a damaged house in Lumbridge which could be restored. 160,000 coins
Choices Cost
Restore the house, moving the Zamorakian herbalist in. 20,000
Restore the house, moving the Saradominist summoner in. 20,000
Restore the house as a refugee shelter, moving both families in. 40,000
Leave the house alone. 0
Result Remaining treasury
The house, formerly owned by Lachtopher, is restored and becomes the Lumbridge Refugee Shelter, with both families being moved in. 120,000

Week 2: Defence of Lumbridge

Dilemma Remaining treasury
We could expand our private army to help in the defence of Lumbridge, in case the fighting spills from the crater. 120,000 coins
Choices Cost
Recruit more guardsmen. 30,000
Form a people's militia. 15,000
Legitimise the Thieves' Guild in exchange for aid in battle. 15,000
Do not take any action. 0
Result Remaining treasury
Approximately five new Lumbridge guardsmen are recruited and can be found around Lumbridge Castle, adding to the original Guardsmen which patrolled Lumbridge forest and the Goblin areas. 90,000

Week 3: Requesting Aid

Dilemma Remaining treasury
We could request aid from our political allies in other cities. 90,000 coins
Choices Cost
Ask assistance from the White Knights in Falador. 10,000
Ask assistance from the politically neutral Varrock. 10,000
Send a delegation to Al Kharid. 25,000
Do not ask for anyone's help. 0
Result Remaining treasury
The White Knights have agreed to offer their assistance. There are several of them around the castle. 80,000

Week 4: Improving Guardsmen

Dilemma Remaining treasury
Our guardsmen are not currently up to the task of facing the knights and beasts if they leave the battlefield. 80,000 coins
Choices Cost
Improve their weapons. 20,000
Train them at the Combat Academy. 25,000
Do both of these. 45,000
Do not take any action. 0
Result Remaining treasury
The Lumbridge guardsmen now have a rune equipment and become Upgraded elite Lumbridge guardsmen. 35,000

Week 5: Magical Support

Dilemma Remaining treasury
Should we request magical protection for the town and castle? 35,000 coins
Choices Cost
Bring in ZMI mages. 10,000
Ask the Druids for wardsmen. 10,000
Ask Papa Mambo for help. 20,000
Do not get anyone involved. 0
Result Remaining treasury
A wardsman stands atop the Lumbridge Castle, and two wardsmen stand atop of the Lumbridge Castle gate. 25,000

Week 6: War Beasts

Dilemma Remaining treasury
A famous trainer offers us his services to train war beasts to guard Lumbridge. 25,000 coins
Choices Cost
Train guard dogs. 20,000
Train guard rats. 15,000
Train guard spiders. 25,000
Refuse his services. 0
Result Remaining treasury
Lumbridge guard dogs can now be seen wandering around the Castle. 5,000

Week 7: Burying the Dead

Dilemma Remaining treasury
The graveyard south of Lumbdrige is becoming full overfull due to the carnage on the battlefield. 5,000 coins
Choices Cost
Expand with additional grave plots. 25,000
Expand with a mass grave. 5,000
Expand with a mass grave, and bring in a priest to bless it. 15,000
Inter the bodies in the Catacombs. 0
Result Remaining treasury
The bodies were interred in the Lumbridge Catacombs. (This was not reflected in-game.) 5,000

Week 8: Spare Change

Dilemma Remaining treasury
The battle is coming to a head. If we have any spare money, we could consider aiding one or other side. 5,000 coins
Choices Cost
Send aid to Saradomin. remainder
Send aid to Zamorak. remainder
Send aid to both sides equally. remainder
Spend the money on food aid for Lumbridge. remainder
Result Remaining treasury
The remaining money was used for food. (This was not reflected in-game.) 0
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