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Not to be confused with Battle of East Lumbridge.
Battle of Lumbridge
Battle of Lumbridge portal
The mysterious portal which appeared prior to the battle's commencement.
1, Sixth Age
Saradomin Sages, Saradomin Rangers. Saradomin crusaders, Saradominist Players Zamorak warlock, Zamorak Snipers, Zamorak footsoldiers, Zamorakian Players
Saradomin, Padomenes Zamorak, Moia
Player helpers Player Helpers
Previous battle
Assassination of Guthix
Next battle

The Battle of Lumbridge is a world event that takes place alongside the beginning of the Sixth Age and the dawn of RuneScape 3. It features weekly choices made by the players which will define its outcome and course of action. It was stated by Jagex as having an "ultimate outcome [which] will set the course for RuneScape’s future."[1]

Two weeks before the battle, a large portal appeared west of Lumbridge Castle and south of the H.A.M. Hideout, although it was not known what role this mysterious portal will play in the battle's progression.

On 11th July the portal increased in size and several other NPC's have been added to the scene. The original NPC's dialogue was also altered slightly to reflect the change to the portal.

On 17th July the portal increased in size yet again and several new NPC's were added to the scene. The original NPC's dialogue was also altered slightly to reflect the size increase of the portal.

Finally, on 22nd June the portal opened and Zamorak used it to travel into Gielinor, where he attempted to harness the power left when Guthix died. At this point Zamorak was confronted by Saradomin and at once the two began fighting. They reached a stalemate and began to teleport followers in to collect fragments of Guthix's power, in the form of tears, to increase their power and overwhelm the opposing god.


  • Kara-Meir (the main character of Betrayal at Falador) has arrived in Lumbridge, and is directly in front of the players when they are teleported to Lumbridge. She can be talked to in order to get a sense of what is going on in the battle. 


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