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For the type of hybrid armour, see Battle-mage armour.

A player wearing the fully charged Battle Robes.

A player wearing uncharged Battle Robes.

Battle robes are a set of robes from the Fist of Guthix minigame, made up of a hood, top, and bottom. A complete set requires 2750 Fist of Guthix tokens to buy fully charged or 275 to recharge when degraded. While the complete set of battle robes is worn, there is a good chance that the robes will supply Mind, Chaos, Death or Blood runes when casting a combat spell. The robes degrade over time similar to the Barrows equipment, and may only be traded when completely degraded. The Battle robes require 50 defence to wear. The robes last a total of 6 hours of combat from being fully charged. Some believe the robes' benefits are not worth the time required to charge or buy them.

Although they do give a better chance of producing you mind/chaos/death/blood runes, in a single cast it will only produce one type of these runes, such as only the chaos/death runes in a cast of Ancient Magicks. Also, it may not provide all of that type used, but when activated, will provide at least 1 of these runes. When they do activate, they give the message "Your spell draws some of its destructive power from your robes."

If combined with a Staff of light, the staff's chances of runes being supplied is increased to 50% over the usual 12.5%. In addition, the robes themselves still have their normal chance of catalytic runes being saved on each cast.

Degraded battle robes are tradeable; charged ones are not. Players could buy degraded robes from the Grand Exchange and get it charged by Reggie. Charged robes can be uncharged at any state of degradation by using them on Reggie.

Components and bonuses

Uncharged Robes (0) have no combat bonuses.

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Battle hood.pngBattle hood17000--12474,983 + Fist of guthix token.png 25 OR Fist of guthix token.png 250
Battle robe top.pngBattle robe top19500--184,871,774 + Fist of guthix token.png 150 OR Fist of guthix token.png 1500
Battle robe bottom.pngBattle robe bottom18700--153,000,213 + Fist of guthix token.png 100 OR Fist of guthix token.png 1000
Totals55200--458,346,970 + Fist of guthix token.png 275 OR Fist of guthix token.png 2750