This article is about the material used to make batwing armour. For the quest item, see Bat wing.
Batwing detail

Batwings are dropped by bats when they are killed. Players can use these to craft armour including Batwing robes, Batwing shields, Batwing book and Batwing wand. Each Batwing used grants 12 crafting XP.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Warped bat161Common
Albino bat431Uncommon
Giant bat23; 441Uncommon

Batwing items

LevelItemExpBatwingsGE PriceProfit/exp
30Batwing gloves121

1,559 coins (update)

31Batwing boots121

1,250 coins (update)

33Batwing hood242

1,905 coins (update)

34Batwing legs242

2,585 coins (update)

35Batwing torso363

2,637 coins (update)

38Batwing shield363

2,664 coins (update)

36Batwing book242

2,143 coins (update)

37Batwing wand242

2,787 coins (update)



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