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Baxtorian's Hollow is a music track that was released with the second part of Prifddinas.[1] It was first previewed on Twitter, and was performed live at RuneFest 2014.[2] It is unlocked when listening to the Iorwerth musician in the Iorwerth Clan district of Prifddinas.

The song is about The Great Divide, King Baxtorian's campaign to the west and his love for and loss of Queen Glarial.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Baxtorian's Hollow.

In caskets blown from crystal sand.
I pass to you my wedding band.
You hand to me your golden chain
And vow to kiss my cheek again.

Unmoored and adrift,
Queen without King.
There is no hollow
Like an unworn ring.

Beyond our walls we make our home
Find tacit peace with man and gnome.
But deals and pacts do not replace
The months I spend without your grace.

Full leagues bar our letters
I swallow the rage.
There is no hollow
Like an unlettered page.

We send out a scout, but at great cost
Adwr returns, the rest are lost.
On bended knee, softly spoken
He tells of how our land is broken.

To and from Arandar
Not a day to sojourn.
There is no hollow
Like a silent return.

I come to our house, I call out your name
Mirrors reflect me, the echoes the same.
No singing is heard, no movement is seen
I smell only the scent of my darling Queen.

The silence greets me,
With teardrops of red.
There is no hollow
Like a vacant bed.

Upon a torn pillow,
Nestled in down.
There is no hollow
Like a headless crown.


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