Beacon keepers are NPCs which guard the beacons in the All Fired up minigame.

Beaon keeper Beacon Identifier Location Firemaking Level Beacon Requirement Keeper Requirement
Blaze Sharpeye chathead Blaze Sharpeye River Salve North-east of Varrock and south of the Temple of Paterdomus, on Silvarea 43 None None
Squire Fyre chathead Squire Fyre Rag and Bone Man At the limestone quarry north-east of Varrock on Silvarea; just west of the Odd Old Man, at the start of the Rag and Bone Man quest 43 None None
Orry chathead Orry Jolly Boar Inn Just north of the Jolly Boar Inn in north-east Varrock, in low-level Wilderness 48 None Completed Family Crest
Ube chathead Ube North of Varrock Castle At the north exit of Varrock, in low-level Wilderness; just west of the Jolly Boar Inn beacon 53 None Provide the keeper with a white tree fruit (requires the completion of the Garden of Tranquility quest)
Waldo (All Fired Up) chathead Waldo North of Grand Exchange North of the Grand Exchange in low-level Wilderness 59 None None
Gjalp chathead Gjalp Edgeville Northern part of Edgeville, this beacon is not in the Wilderness 62 None Completed all four levels of the Stronghold of Security
Brother Fintan chathead Brother Fintan Black Knights' Fortress South-east of the Black Knights' Fortress 68 Joined the Edgeville Monastery (requires Level 31 Prayer) Level 53 Prayer
Stubthumb chathead Stubthumb Goblin Village The north-east corner of the Goblin Village (only accessible from the village) 72 Completed the Land of the Goblins Provide the keeper with a Davy kebbit hat
Doronbol chathead Doronbol Burthorpe On the border of Wilderness and east Burthorpe; only accessible from Burthorpe 76 Level 56 Smithing to repair the ladder for access to the beacon; 2 iron bars are required. The catspeak amulet must be equipped to speak with the keeper. A Tail of Two Cats must be completed for keeper information
Crate chathead Crate Death Plateau East of Death Plateau; only accessible from Level 13 Wilderness. 79 Level 42 Construction to repair the ladder; 2 planks and 4 nails are required
Death Plateau ladder

The broken ladder from the Wilderness to Death Plateau.

Provide the keeper with a cooked/raw lava eel (requires the completion of Heroes' Quest)
Egg (NPC) chathead Egg Trollheim Near the shortcut into the wilderness; accessed with the Trollheim Teleport 83 None Completed Troll Romance and My Arm's Big Adventure
Nanuq chathead Nanuq God Wars Dungeon North-east of the entrance to the God Wars Dungeon (not located in the Wilderness) 87, but stat-degrading effects require a firemaking level of 92+, or a super restore potion Level 60 Agility or Strength and having defeated Dad during Troll Stronghold to access the area; Level 60 Crafting, a needle, and 3 jute fibres to repair the wind blocker Level 81 Summoning to speak to the keeper
None Temple in the Wilderness Near the small temple in level 40 Wilderness 89 Level 70 Smithing with 2 iron bars, or level 59 Construction with 2 planks and 4 nails N/A
None Frozen Waste Plateau On the Frozen Waste Plateau, west of the Agility course in level 52 Wilderness 92 None N/A
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