Bear pelt (saga)
Release date 1 June 2011 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Daemonheim
Examine Smelly and worn. Skaldrun might want to look at this.

The bearskin is a memory fragment which is required to start Three's Company. It can be found within Daemonheim on floors 1 to 11 on any complexity over 2.

This is not a monster drop. Instead, it will be found on the floor and appear to be part of the scenery. It will not show up on the minimap. There is not a 100% chance that you will find it.

Once found it is possible to talk to Skaldrun to start the first Fremennik Saga.

If you are having trouble finding it you may have already found it in the past and it just hasn't shown up yet in Skaldrun's "Start-Saga" interface. Head over to Skaldrun and click the "Talk-to" option and run through the dialogue to unlock the Saga.

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