The Bedabin Camp is a small nomad camp south-west of Al Kharid and the Kalphite Lair. It is visited during the Tourist Trap quest and is the starting point of the Desert Treasure quest.

The Bedabin nomads that inhabit it are known as a peaceful tribe of desert dwellers, and due to their habit of setting up and living in tents, they are referred to by the nickname "Tenti's". They are renowned for surviving in harsh desert climates, and also for cultivating the delicious Bedabin ambrosia, or "Tenti pineapple". The pineapples are grown in a secret location in order to stop thieves from raiding them.

Besides these quests, the Bedabin Camp is not often visited by players, mostly as part of treasure trails, or as a stopover on their way to the Bandit Camp. It is inhabited by Bedabin nomads who sell certain desert supplies along with Bedabin nomad fighters. Notable NPCs are Al Shabim, leader of the Bedabin nomads, archaeologist Asgarnia Smith, and a Bedabin nomad guard protecting the entrance to the northern tent. The anvil in this guarded tent can only be used during the Tourist Trap quest. A deposit chest can be found the northwest of the camp after completing the quest Deadliest Catch.

The Bedabin Camp can be reached using the magic carpet transportation system.



  • The name Bedabin is a variation on Bedouin, ethnically Arab nomadic peoples who inhabit/inhabited various deserts in and around the Middle East.
  • Although almost everyone in the camp is called a nomad, none of them actually do as their name suggests.
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