Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location West of Catherby, South of Camelot, East of Manor Farm
Examine A home for bees.

A beehive is a piece of interactive scenery where players can obtain buckets of wax, used in Merlin's Crystal and Troll Romance, and to gather honeycombs, which are used to create honey badger pouches, provided they have insect repellent in their inventory. If they do not, the player will take 20 life points of damage and not receive the item they were going after.

Right click options:

  • Take from Beehive
  • Take honey Beehive
  • Examine Beehive

Manor Farm

The beehives in Manor Farm can also be fed with different type of flowers to create a variety of honeycombs which can be fed to player-owned farm animals. A beehive can be filled with 27 of each type of flower.

The honeycombs can be collected when an option to collect honey is given when checking the beehive. Like standard beehives, insect repellent is required when collecting from the hive.

Right click options:

  • Check Beehive
  • Take honey Beehive
  • Check flowers stored Beehive
  • Take from Beehive
  • Examine Beehive

If there are no flowers or the honeycombs are not ready, then clicking on the beehive will open the Item Production window to allow selecting which flowers to add as well as the quantity to make.

When honeycombs are ready, then clicking will prompt to collect honey or not.

Flower / Grass Honeycomb Effect on Animals Boost
Marigolds Marigolds Delicious honeycomb Delicious honeycomb Boosts happiness 10%
Rosemary Rosemary Dense honeycomb Dense honeycomb Boosts weight 10%
Woad leaf 5 Woad leaf Medicinal honeycomb Medicinal honeycomb Boosts health 10%
Nasturtiums Nasturtiums Runny honeycomb Runny honeycomb Boosts speed 10 gallopers
Snape grass Snape grass Sweet honeycomb Sweet honeycomb Boosts attractiveness 10 beauty marks



  • Natural hives or nests can be found hanging on some standard trees. However, these cannot be interacted with.
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