Behemoth notes detail
Behemoth notes (part 1) are dropped by the Gluttonous behemoth. The drop is random, just like all other Dungeoneering journals. The notes describe the common traits of the Behemoth race, such as bulky body structure. However the notes particularly describe that the Gluttonous behemoth - thick hides, its constant desire for food, compelled Bilrach to place it in the frozen floors.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Behemoth notes (part 1).

4th Age, year 1824. Date unknown.

Our master's experimentation with portals to the other realms has brought us many interesting creatures. One of the most significant races discovered are the ones we call behemoths. These vast creatures are physically powerful, and some even possess latent magical powers. Unfortunately, they are not evolved to the point of communication, and are capable only of following natural instinct, not instruction. A pity, but they still have their uses. We shall place them throughout the dungeons as guard dogs. There is a particular strain of behemoth that is well-suited to the frozen-over areas near the surface. It has a thick hide, and is entirely driven by a natural desire to feed. In these barren, frozen areas, food will be more scarce, and I believe this creature will fight all the fiercer for it.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gluttonous behemoth1; 9; 18; 26; 35; 43; 51; 60; 70; 78; 86; 95; 103; 112; 120; 128; 138; 1471Common
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