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Behind the Scenes (location)
Behind The Scenes (Gower Quest)
Release date 20 June 2016 (Update)
Kingdom N/A
Members area No
Main music Tables are Turned
Leader None
Teleportation Disk of returning (Gower Quest)
Bank map icon None Altar map icon None

Behind the Scenes is a location visited during the Gower Quest which resembles a bar. It can be accessed by using a disk of returning in the dwarven mines north of Falador, beneath Ice Mountain, to The Black Hole. After the quest, the disk of returning can be used from any bank area.

This location contains many former, current and future NPCs as well as representatives of Jagex. The many patrons of the bar come here to relax and often display completely different personalities than their canon counterparts, such as the original God Wars Dungeon bosses being on friendly terms.

Behind the Scenes has several other rooms, including the Altar of Life, a branch of the Bank of RuneScape and a Beta-Testing Room. There are other portals which cannot be entered.

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