This article is about the newspaper seller. For the Snow imp, see Benny (Snow imp).
Benny chathead
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Benny (zombie) chathead

Benny Gutenberg is a newspaper seller within Varrock. He can be found near Baraek's fur stall. He carries a backpack full of newspapers on his back. He sells newspapers for 50 coins each. You have to buy a newspaper off him to complete the easy difficulty Varrock Tasks.

He is a journalist, and has been for 9 years, as he publishes and writes the news himself.

His zombie version can be found in New Varrock selling a New Varrock edition of the newspaper.


  • Benny's surname, Gutenberg, is a reference to Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press in Europe during the Renaissance. His full name could be a reference to Beno Gutenberg, a nineteenth century American seismologist, most famous for his work with Charles Richter.
  • Benny calls players 'Guv', a reference to Cockney English, which is a slang language spoken in London.
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