Bentamir chathead

Bentamir is a very poor mining dwarf who lives in Keldagrim, the dwarven capital city. His lack of money has forced him to live in a small cave on the east side of the city.

Bentamir is but one of many dwarves that suffer from poor pay in Keldagrim. As mining is one of the dwarves' most important industries, and the art of basic mining requires little training, the number of miners is often higher than the demand. The Consortium, as a result, can pay low wages and lay off entire groups of workers without any serious damage. This leaves many miners, such as Bentamir, in a constant state of shifting employment, usually in jobs that pay so low that even affording a small house is impossible.

Bentamir lives in a small hollow in the darker part of the city's east side, where many dwarves such has him are forced to go. His home is little more than a small room filled with his possessions, and a small fire.

Despite his poor position, Bentamir seems to take some pride in his work due to his job's difficult nature.

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