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|examine = Looks after the Burthorpe vinery.
|examine = Looks after the Burthorpe vinery.
[[Image:Bernald_detail.gif|left|A detailed image of Bernald.]]
[[Image:Bernald_detail.PNG|left|A detailed image of Bernald.]]

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Bernald grows vines outside the Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe. His vines are needed during Garden of Tranquility, but they are dying.

To cure his prized grape vines, the player must develop a special plant cure. Bernald suggests visiting Alain the gardener, who tends to the tree patch in Taverley.

The cure for the vine is one rune essence, crushed with a hammer, and ground with a pestle and mortar. The remaining dust is put into a plant cure and used on the vine to heal it.

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