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Release date 3 December 2009 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 59
Book Ancient Curses
Drain rate 50 points per minute (1 point per 1.2 seconds)
Effect Boosted stats last 15% longer.

Berserker is a curse from the Ancient Curses prayer book. This book is unlocked after completing the The Temple at Senntisten quest. When Berserker is activated, all boosted combat stats last 15% longer than normal. This prayer can save players money because they will need fewer stat boosters such as potions to keep their stats boosted. This is especially true for extreme potions, as they are untradeable and give very large boosts to only combat stats. Players should be aware that if Berserker is deactivated before the potion boost wears off, stats may fall at a rapid rate for a short period of time. This prayer can be very useful in keeping boosted stats near maximum for longer periods.

The Berserker prayer does NOT work with Overloads' timer; the only effect it has with overloads is the time taken for the stats to lower by 1 which is increased by 15%. However, this isn't of much use because overloads restore to the maximum boost every 15 seconds.

Flashing the berserker curse using mousekeys and rapidly clicking the "+" button will allow player's stats to be prolonged without using any prayer points.

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Player Activating Berserker


  • According to the ancient hymnal, Berserker's verbal incantation is "Dona mihi potestam, animum et fortitudinem bestiae firmissimae." (Give me the power, the courage, and durability of the mightiest beast.)
  • Old School RuneScape has a similar prayer, Preserve, which makes boosted stats last 50% longer, but drains at a much slower rate (3 points per minute, which is equivalent to 30 points per minute in RS3).
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