Big event mystery boxes are available from the second half of the 2017 Valentine's Day event. They are earned by giving Wizard Deedit specific amounts of fabric scraps for progress in the event, or by directly converting the scraps. They contain a variety of Treasure Hunter items and some Valentines-specific items from past promotions.

When opened, a big event mystery box yields a total assortment of five rewards. Five empty inventory slots are required to open a box. It is destroyed upon opening.

Ironman players will only receive cosmetic item when opening these boxes, and will receive less than five rewards.

Big event mystery boxes can contain the following rewards:

Medium space dust.png Medium space dust
Small space dust.png Small space dust
Medium meteorite.png Medium meteorite
Small meteorite.png Small meteorite
Lovers medallion.png Lovers medallion
Haters medallion.png Haters medallion
Cupid bow 1.png Cupid bow
Rosethorn wand.png Rosethorn wand
Broken heart 6.png Broken heart
Crown of hearts.png Crown of hearts
Crown of misery.png Crown of misery
Staff of adoration.png Staff of adoration
Spear of despite (50).png Spear of despite
Aegis of devotion.png Aegis of devotion
Bulwark of revenge.png Bulwark of revenge
Ardent mace.png Ardent mace
Heartseeker crossbow (50).png Heartseeker crossbow
Crown of the fallen.png Crown of the fallen
Lovestruck pendant.png Lovestruck pendant
Heartbreak pendant.png Heartbreak pendant
Love potion.png Love potion
[Name] the Scrumptious

[Name] the Forlorn

Loved Up emote icon.png Loved Up

Down to Earth emote icon.png Down to Earth

Efficiency emote icon.png Efficiency

No More! emote icon.png No More!

Jealous Rage emote icon.png Jealous Rage

Love at First Sight emote icon.png Love at First Sight

Prismatic medium fallen star.png Prismatic medium fallen star
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