Big event mystery box (Zodiac Festival) detail

A big event mystery box can be obtained by handing in Zodiac talismans to Yinteng during the Zodiac Festival time-limited event. When opened, event mystery boxes yield a total assortment of 5 rewards, and the box is destroyed; 5 open inventory spaces are required to open a box.

Ironmen do not get these rewards, but are instead rewarded coins. Ironmen are able to obtain the zodiac costume unlocks.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Red envelopeRed envelope1UncommonNot sold
Artisan monkey trinketArtisan monkey trinket1RareNot sold
Combat monkey trinketCombat monkey trinket1RareNot sold
Gathering monkey trinketGathering monkey trinket1RareNot sold
Support monkey trinketSupport monkey trinket1RareNot sold
Tight springTight spring50UncommonNot sold
Silverhawk down 5Silverhawk down25UncommonNot sold
Small dungeoneering token boxSmall dungeoneering token box1CommonNot sold
Medium dungeoneering token boxMedium dungeoneering token box1CommonNot sold
Prismatic small fallen starPrismatic small fallen star1CommonNot sold
Prismatic medium fallen starPrismatic medium fallen star1AlwaysNot sold
Prismatic large fallen starPrismatic large fallen star1UncommonNot sold
Prismatic huge fallen starPrismatic huge fallen star1RareNot sold
Spirit rubySpirit ruby1CommonNot sold
Spirit diamondSpirit diamond1UncommonNot sold
Small cash bagSmall cash bag1CommonNot sold
Medium cash bagMedium cash bag1UncommonNot sold
Large cash bagLarge cash bag1RareNot sold
Small prismatic lampSmall prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Medium prismatic lampMedium prismatic lamp1UncommonNot sold
Large prismatic lampLarge prismatic lamp1RareNot sold
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone2RareNot sold
Green zodiac costumeGreen zodiac costume1RareNot sold
Blue zodiac costumeBlue zodiac costume1RareNot sold
Red zodiac costumeRed zodiac costume1RareNot sold
Black zodiac costumeBlack zodiac costume1RareNot sold
Gold zodiac costumeGold zodiac costume1RareNot sold
Advanced pulse coreAdvanced pulse core2RareNot sold
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