Bird's nest (blue egg) detail

Bird's eggs are occasionally found in bird's nests. An egg can be hatched into a God bird in an incubator, requiring level 70 Summoning (boosts do not work), or converted using the level 63 Spirit cobra's oph. incubation scroll and used to make any of three trices.

It takes roughly 2–3 hours for the eggs to hatch.

Types of eggs

Egg God bird Tertiary Familiar
Bird's egg (green) Bird's egg (green) Guthix raptor Guthatrice egg Guthatrice egg Spirit guthatrice
Bird's egg (red) Bird's egg (red) Zamorak hawk Zamatrice egg Zamatrice egg Spirit zamatrice
Bird's egg (blue) Bird's egg (blue) Saradomin owl Saratrice egg Saratrice egg Spirit saratrice

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