Bird of Prey (#920)
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Release date 4 March 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Location The World Wakes
Quest The World Wakes
Unlock hint This track unlocks during The World Wakes quest.
Instruments Bass drums, oil barrels, triangle, brass section
Duration 02:34
Composer Michael M
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Bird of Prey is a music track that unlocks during The World Wakes quest upon starting the battle with Kree'arra. This is one of the tracks that became broken with the release of RuneScape 3.

The current version of this song incorrectly starts with a sample from Defenders of Guthix II then goes into the original Bird of Prey once that finishes playing. The reason for this is unknown, but most likely has something to do with an error of some sort in the conversion of MIDI tracks into audio.


  • This song sounds extremely similar to Final Showdown, using the same theme.
Original Bird of Prey

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