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Birth by Fire was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Birth by Fire
Release date 8 November 2016 (Update)
End date 27 November (Update)
Reward Mystery boxes, cosmetic overrides
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by Deathbeard's Demise
Birth by Fire button

Birth by Fire, also known as The Fallen Nihil, was a time-limited event held in the Lumbridge Crater, released on 8 November 2016 and removed on 27 November 2016. Within this event, the player gathered burning embers for the Fallen Nihil, an entity who emerged from a bonfire held in the Lumbridge Crater, at the conclusion of the Celebration of Fire Treasure Hunter promotion.

The event premiered on 00:00 UTC 8 November 2016 with an in-game announcement stating that Game announcementThe Fallen Nihil has stepped out of the Lumbridge Bonfire and is requesting your help! See the Events tab under Community for more info.

Each day that the player logged in during the event, they would be greeted with one of the following announcements:

  • A Fallen Nihil, one of Zaros' original experiments, has entered Gielinor - head to the Lumbridge Crater now! See the Seasonal Events tab under Community for more info.
  • Head over to the Lumbridge Crater now in order to assist the Fallen Nihil in his quest for vengeance. See the Seasonal Events tab under Community for more info.
  • A long-forgotten Fallen Nihil has made its way to Gielinor. Head over to the Lumbridge Crater to help for some awesome rewards. See the Seasonal Events tab under Community for more info.


Players could gather burning embers by training any skill or killing monsters throughout the duration of the event. The embers could also be obtained as a reward for turning in completed daily challenges.

For an expedited rate of gathering burning embers, it was advisable to train either Firemaking or Cooking at the bonfire in the Lumbridge Crater. These skills presented a modifier (extending from 20% to 50%) to the number of burning embers awarded while training.

All players were only allowed to gather a maximum of one thousand burning embers per day. This could , however, be extended to two thousand per day through the use of a one-day event daily limit extender or a five-day daily limit extender.

After the player had gathered up to their daily limit of burning embers, they could either turn them in to the Fallen Nihil to progress in the event or convert them to event mystery boxes (at a ratio of one per 250 burning embers) or big event mystery boxes (at a ratio of one per 500 burning embers) for alternate rewards.


As a reward for their participation in this event, players could exchange their burning embers for pieces of the Fallen Nihil Outfit, in addition to event mystery boxes.

Players could hand in up to 10,000 burning embers to the Fallen Nihil. Once the player had given the Fallen Nihil the full allotment of 10,000 burning embers, they could exchange any additional burning embers they received for either event mystery boxes or big event mystery boxes at the aforementioned ratios.

The player received a reward for each of the following milestones:

Burning embers Reward milestone
Burning embers 1,000 Fallen nihil headpiece
Burning embers 2,000 Fallen nihil chestpiece
Burning embers 3,000 Fallen nihil leg-guards
Burning embers 4,000 Event mystery box 1 Event mystery box
Burning embers 5,000 Fallen nihil greaves
Burning embers 6,000 Event mystery box 2 Event mystery boxes
Burning embers 7,000 Fallen nihil gauntlets
Burning embers 8,500 Big event mystery box 2 Big event mystery boxes
Burning embers 10,000 Fallen nihil wings

Additional rewards

Event mystery boxes and big event mystery boxes, on the other hand, offered a selection of the following thematic rewards when opened:

Event mystery boxes granted three rolls on the proceeding drop tables, generating a total of three rewards per box, while big event mystery boxes granted five rolls on the proceeding drops tables, generating a total of five rewards per box.

Reward Quantity
Medium lava lantern Medium lava lantern 1
Small lava lantern Small lava lantern 1
Medium smouldering lamp Medium smouldering lamp 1
Small smouldering lamp Small smouldering lamp 1
Fire breathing solution Fire breathing solution 1
Fire poi Fire poi 1
Fire stone Fire stone 1
Firewood Firewood 1

Players could also receive a selection of these standard rewards:

Reward Quantity
Medium prismatic lamp Medium prismatic lamp 1
Prismatic large fallen star Prismatic large fallen star 1
Prismatic medium fallen star Prismatic medium fallen star 1



Birth by Fire popup

The popup when checking the event noticeboard

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