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Black Guard Berserkers are located in the western half of Keldagrim, where they guard the headquarters of the Dwarven Black Guard. Here they guard key dwarven figures such as Commander Veldaban and Supreme Commander Bisi.

Black Guard Berserkers are amongst the city's finest warriors, and are key assets in policing the city and defending against the many trolls that inhabit in the nearby caves and mountains.

Wielding powerful battleaxes similar in power to runite, black guard berserkers should not be underestimated. Despite their somewhat low combat level, they attack quite fast (similar speed to throwing rings) and can hit a maximum of 133. Their attacks can be resisted using crush-resistant gear or blocked entirely with the Protect from Melee prayer.

There is a guard that wears all black armour and has a black warhammer instead of a battleaxe.


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