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The black chainbody is a body armour that has better defence than a steel chainbody, and can be worn by a player with 25 Defence. This item has the same bonuses as a white chainbody, except for the +1 prayer bonus.

This item is sold at Wayne's Chains - Chainmail Specialist in Falador and Quality Armour Shop in Keldagrim for 1440 coins.

As with all black equipment, this item cannot be made from raw materials using the Smithing skill.

Combat Stats
RequirementsBlack chainbody equipped.png
25 Defence
Attack.png MeleeTorso slot.png
23Tank armour
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour81PvM: 0.46%PvP: 1.38%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Tormented wraith421Common
Vampyre Juvinate58; 61; 63; 841Rare
Zombie (Tarn's Lair)72; 74; 75; 77; 78; 79; 82; 84; 851Rare
Black key blackN/A1Uncommon
Black key brownN/A1Uncommon
Black key crimsonN/A1Uncommon
Black key purpleN/A1Uncommon
Black key redN/A1Uncommon
Former vampyreN/A1Uncommon
Shade Catacombs/RewardsN/A1Uncommon

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?

Other Uses

An Easy Falador Task requires a player to purchase a black chainbody from Wayne's Chains - Chainmail Specialist, then try it on in the store.


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  • Following a graphical update to the equipment on 6 March 2012, the player's torso appears transparent whilst wearing a black chainbody. This was fixed a day later. Because of this glitch the price of the body was being sold at extremely high prices but quickly dropped.