Script error The black hand is a large limb that emerges from a portal during the fight with Rabid Jack in Pieces of Hate, during the fight with Seiryu the Azure Serpent in the Temple of Aminishi and also during the fight with the black stone dragon in the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Rabid Jack describes the hand as belonging to an ancient and powerful entity, implied to be Xau-Tak. During the fight with Rabid Jack at Ulthven Kreath, the black hand will occasionally target and attempt to strike the player. If struck by the black hand, the player will be dealt 5,000 - 10,000 damage. After the defeat of Rabid Jack, the black hand is sealed away after the portal is blocked with a large stone structure.

In the Temple of Aminishi, it appears from a black portal whenever Seiryu's health is depleted and the black crystals on his back become attackable. The hand creates shadow enigmas, which heal the crystals on Seiryu's back if they are able to reach him.

Four of these hands appear in the fight against the Black Stone Dragon and must be destroyed in order to progress the fight, using magic attacks and periodically launching shadow hands towards nearby players' positions.

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