Black royal rhino
Black royal rhino.png
Black royal rhino icon.png
Release date 7 July 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Rhino
Source Pets interface
Interface Yes
Category Follower
Food None
Colour variations 1
Examine A rhino saved by United for Wildlife.
Black royal rhino chathead.png

The black royal rhino is a follower added as part of Jagex's partnership awareness campaign with the United for Wildlife charity to raise awareness about illegal animal trade, especially illegal rhino poaching. It could be obtained by participating in the Royal Rhinos event and answering 7 questions correctly within the first 14 days.[1]

For a month after the event's release, it provided the owner with a 10% bonus experience boost. The 10% bonus experience boost stacked with the 3-6% boost from a Clan Avatar. If the owner also had a level of 96 Summoning, the Rhino also acted as a Beast of Burden, allowing the player to store items in their pet's inventory. The inventory space of the Black Royal Rhino was equal to that of the pack yak. The player could gain access to the Rhino's inventory in exchange for one pack yak pouch. Each pouch granted the owner 127 minutes of access to the Beast of Burden's inventory. The Corporeal Beast ignored the rhino, which made it very useful for carrying additional supplies.

Starting 4 August 2014, the Rhinos lost their special abilities and are now only for aesthetic purposes.

They are rarer than the white rhino since players must answer more questions to unlock them. This mirrors their status in the real world (the black rhino is critically endangered; the white rhino is near-threatened). Only 105,978 players have unlocked the Black royal rhino.[2]


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