For this item's augmented variant, see augmented blessed spirit shield.
Blessed spirit shield detail

The blessed spirit shield, also known as BSS, is a melee shield. It requires 70 Defence, 60 Prayer and the completion of the quest Summer's End to wield. It can serve as a cheaper alternative to the popular charged Dragonfire shield, having the same stats while providing a Prayer bonus.

To make this shield, players must use a holy elixir with a normal spirit shield at an altar of Saradomin, which requires 85 Prayer. Doing this gives 1500 experience in Prayer. If they lack the required skill level, they can alternatively talk to Brother Jered with a holy elixir and a plain spirit shield in their inventory, who will charge 1,000,000 coins to bless the shield in a manner akin to Oziach smithing a Dragonfire shield. This means that simply buying a blessed spirit shield (at the moment) would cost considerably less than having Brother Jered bless it, since if the holy elixir is obtained from the Corporeal Beast, it would still cost 1,000,000 coins, and if the elixir is bought, it would cost approximately 1,850,000 coins. However, it would cost slightly less to use the holy elixir on a Spirit shield if the player has the required prayer level. Once blessed, players may apply sigils to enhance the shield. Attaching a sigil onto the shield requires 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing.

Since the graphical update in the wilderness, the blessed spirit shield no longer protects over any expensive items.

Combat Stats
RequirementsBlessed spirit shield equipped
70 Defence, 60 Prayer
Attack MeleeOff-hand slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour297PvM: 7%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points35Style bonuses


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