Bloated toad detail

Bloated toads are used to catch chompy birds during and after the quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting. Their variant, coloured toads, are used in the quest Mourning's End Part I. They cannot be banked. If a player attempts to bank them, this message appears: "A magical force prevents you from banking this item!"

Use an ogre bellows which has been loaded with swamp gas on a swamp toad to get a bloated toad which is placed in the inventory. Only three toads may be obtained at one time. Attempting to get a fourth toad gives the message: "One of your bloated toads manage to escape. You manage to catch the toad and inflate it with the swamp gas."

Bloated toads may be dropped in the ogre area in Feldip hills (north of the hunter area). Players attempting to drop them elsewhere are told "You won't attract a chompy bird this far away from the ogre area". Once dropped, they have a chance of causing a chompy bird to land. Eventually they disappear.

Bloated toads cannot be used to create a Barker toad pouch for Summoning.


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  • Prior to August 2011, when bloated toads disappeared they did so by exploding. This explosion caused damage to any nearby players. Players would sometimes place bloated toads near players (and bots) that were chopping ivy south of Castle Wars in order to damage them.
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