Crafting blood runes

Crafting blood runes

Blood Altar inside

Inside the Blood Altar

Blood Altar outside

Outside the Blood Altar

The Blood Altar may be found in the Meiyerditch Dungeon after completion of the Legacy of Seergaze quest. It is used to craft blood runes from pure essence, providing 10.5 Runecrafting experience


As with most other runecrafting altars, it can be accessed via the Abyss. Players could also enter its ruins by using a blood talisman or an Omni-talisman. Players could also simply click on the ruins while wearing a blood tiara, Omni-tiara, a wicked hood imbued with any of the above, an Omni-talisman staff, or a blood talisman staff.

Blood Altar location

The location of the Blood Altar.

The fastest way to get there is to use the wicked hood's teleport, which provides two daily teleports to the altar (3 if the entire wicked robes has been purchased). Alternately, break a blood altar teleport, obtained from The Great Orb Project. Both these methods land just outside the altar.

Players can also gain access via the Abyss by banking in Edgeville then running north to the Mage of Zamorak, but this requires becoming skulled and running into low level Wilderness, so player killing is a risk. This method places the player inside the altar. Alternately, players can use the Drakan's medallion to teleport to the Meiyerditch Laboratories then run through the nearby dungeon to the altar. This takes slightly longer but doesn't run the risk of player killing, and the medallion can be used to bank at Burgh de Rott. The Blood Altar is considered to be outside of Morytania which means teleporting via the medallion within it will consume charges, so it is advised to either exit the altar first or recharge the medallion at Burgh de Rott.


The maximum likely limit for crafting Blood runes in one visit is 266, if not using Morytania legs 4 (which grant 10% chance of extra blood rune per essence). This would be achieved by having 90 Runecrafting, and carrying 266 essence to craft (23 in the normal inventory along with 48 in the 5 sizes of Runecrafting pouches, along with 175 claimed from the wicked hood (if all the Wicked robes have been purchased), and 20 from the abyssal titan summoning creature). The maximum possible experience is 2,793 obtained while doing the above.


A blood tiara may be created at this altar by having a blood talisman and a normal tiara in your inventory. The player must use the tiara on the altar. Doing so will earn 52.5 Runecrafting experience.

Music Unlocked


  • This is the only Runecrafting altar with a rune symbol that is not grey, prior to the release of the Soul Altar.
  • True to its name, blood slowly pours from the centre of the altar and eventually reaches the lake.
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