Bloodsplatter Isle
Bloodsplatter Isle
Release date 28 March 2011 (Update)
Sea Eastern Sea
Kingdom(s) Unknown edit
Members Yes
No. of banks None
No. of altars None
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation The Adventurous
Guilds None
Music Zombiism
The Factory Floor
Inhabitants Undead
Bloodsplatter Isle map

Bloodsplatter Isle is one of the islands in the Eastern Sea dominated by pirates. Bloodsplatter lies directly south of Mos Le'Harmless, the famous pirate port.[1] Akin to Harmony Island, it has been overrun by the crew of Captain Rabid Jack, specifically Mi-Gor and Mechanical Murphy.

Bloodsplatter factory

A couple of rooms in the factory.

The island houses a Barrelchest Mk II-making factory, manned by Mi-Gor. During A Clockwork Syringe, Murphy attempted to assassinate a pirate-allied adventurer in their house by sending a barrelchest there, but they survived and, with the help of captain Bill Teach, forced the leftover zombie head to tell its origins, which the head revealed to be Bloodsplatter Isle. The trio set sail on The Adventurous but were attacked by barrelchests from the island, making them unable to come ashore. The adventurer was henceforth shot onto the island using a cannonball barrel-boat fashioned from materials on the ship. With the help of the seagull Baron von Hattenkrapper, the barrelchests were eliminated and the Adventerous could safely approach.

The adventurer then used a barrelchest disguise to collect evidence files about Rabid Jack's plans to return to Bill Teach. Each evidence file contained information on Mi-Gor and Murphy who are plotting to fill zombie pirates with Braindeath 'rum', acquired by their colleague Captain Donnie, in an effort to take over the pirate bases. The adventurer sabotaged the factory floors to stop more barrelchests from being produced when Mi-Gor and Murphy appeared and fled to their dock with some lackeys. The adventurer confronted them, but they revealed their next plan: to take over Mos Le'Harmless using an armada of 'zomboats'. They then each boarded such boat and proceeded to sail away, with the adventurer chasing them in another zomboat. After a marine battle, the zomboats were sunken, and the adventurer returned to The Adventurous. Given the destruction of the factory, it is unlikely that Bloodsplatter will be of any further use to Jack.



  1. ^ Bill Teach, "A Clockwork Syringe", RuneScape. "Bloodsplatter Isle be cardinal south from here!"
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