The Blue Moon Inn

Blue Moon Inn interior

Blue Moon Inn exterior
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Location Varrock
Members No
Sells Beer
NPCs Bartender, Dr. Harlow
Monsters 2 men, woman, barbarian, Jonny the Beard
Related quests Pirate's Treasure, Shield of Arrav, Vampyre Slayer
Other info Has a cooking range, and its own music
Bartender (Blue Moon Inn) location
Blue Moon Inn icon

The Blue Moon Inn is the tavern and inn in South-central Varrock. The NPCs inside play a role in several quests. Jonny the beard is involved in the Shield of Arrav quest, Dr Harlow features in the Vampyre Slayer quest, and there is also a treasure chest upstairs that plays a part in Pirate's Treasure. Players can buy beer from the Bartender for 2 coins each.

When players talk to the bartender and ask for tips, he will refuse to give them any and break the fourth wall, saying that it 'makes the computer game too easy'. If a player asks 'What game?' he will explain that RuneScape is nothing but a computer game, at which the player character will call him mad and terminate the conversation.

In RuneScape Classic, before the release of RuneScape 2, the inn used to be a popular party room, with players holding parties there regularly. This practice has since died out, and the inn is now of little interest to most players, though it is a location involved in several quests.

The Blue Moon Inn is featured in the Bar Crawl miniquest which can be started at Barbarian Outpost by talking to the Barbarian guard standing outside the agility course.

The tavern is featured in the lore story Worth Comes in Battle, which details the time three of the Signature Heroes - Ariane, Ozan and the Raptor - stopped by for drinks. During that time, they were seen by Balek, the son of the barkeeper, who summoned his friends Jonty and Kherian. It is owned by the innkeeper, rather than the bartender as Balek suggests.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Beer Beer Infinite 2 coins 0 1,358 N/A

Notable features

Blue Moon Inn cellar

Cellar of the Blue Moon Inn

Blue moon inn upstairs

Upstairs, inside of the Blue Moon Inn




  • Gypsy Aris claims to be seven times as old as the number of legs on the stools in the inn, making her two-hundred and twenty four years old (for the time being).
  • The Blue Moon Inn received a graphical update on 15 December 2009.
  • The "Blue Moon Inn" and "Jolly Boar Inn" may have been named after the Blue Boar Inn from Robin Hood. Alternatively, the inn may be named after the beer, Blue Moon.
  • It is apparently the meeting location for Ex-Adventurers Anonymous.
  • A blue moon is a phenomenon of two full moons occurring in one month. This happens approximately every three years.
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