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Blue dragon scales are scales that can be found in two locations within Taverley Dungeon. The first spot is the main enclosure for the blue dragons which requires either a dusty key to unlock the gate or level 70 Agility to use the Agility pipe. There are several adult blue dragons and baby blue dragons here, so it is recommended that the player wears a anti-dragon shield. There is also a resource dungeon in the same enclosure, requiring 60 Dungeoneering to access. Within this dungeon are 12 respawns of blue dragon scales and 8 blue dragons.

When using a spirit terrorbird, collecting scales from inside the dungeon as opposed to collecting them from right outside where there are 7 spawns, the whole run will only be about 10 seconds quicker.

Blue dragon scales can be randomly selected as an item for the quest Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains.


Scales can be ground into dragon scale dust with a pestle and mortar which awards 1 Herblore experience. Dragon scale dust is a secondary potion ingredient used in Herblore to create weapon poison and antifire potions.

Drop sources

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Ancient ranger1032Uncommon


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