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Blue dragonhide body detail

A blue dragonhide body is a piece of blue dragonhide armour worn in the torso slot. The blue d'hide body is the best body armour available to non-member rangers. To wear a blue d'hide body, a player must have a Defence level of 50. Players can also create blue d'hide bodies through the Crafting skill at level 71 from three blue dragon leathers, granting 210 Crafting experience. Players cannot wear this item until they have completed the Dragon Slayer quest.

This armour will not interfere with Ava's accumulator or Ava's attractor.

Combat Stats
Blue dragonhide armour (male) equippedBlue dragonhide armour (female) equipped
50 Defence50Tank armour
Ranged RangedTorso slotDefenceArmour195
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 1%PvP: 3%
Style-Style bonuses


Blue dragonhide body Blue dragonhide body
Crafting-Make-X GE icon
210 XP-4,876
Crafting Crafting level71
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Blue dragon leatherBlue dragon leather32,8708,610
Total price8,619

Production costs

The data in this table is based on the current Grand Exchange prices. It is accurate assuming the items are bought off of the Grand Exchange and the completed blue d'hide body is sold afterwards.

Method Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp (Bonus experience)
Tanning Blue dragonhide 8,289 -3,413 -16.25 (-8.13)
Buying Blue dragonleather 8,610 -3,734 -17.78 (-8.89)

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Oziach's ArmourEdgeville9,360Coins 100Coins 1No


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