Blue dragonhide gold-trimmed set detail

Blue dragonhide gold-trimmed sets can be made by exchanging a Blue dragonhide body (g) and Blue dragonhide chaps (g) with a Grand Exchange clerk. The set's purpose is purely to save space and to use in trading. Players can exchange this with a Grand Exchange clerk to get the items listed above. The combat stats of this set are the same as an untrimmed set of blue dragonhide armour.

Each of the pieces can be obtained separately through a treasure trail. These items can only be found on a level 3 clue scroll.

Level 50 Defence is required to wear the items when exchanged, and the body also requires completion of the Dragon Slayer quest.


Blue dragonhide (g) Grand Exchange cost
Blue dragonhide body (g)Blue dragonhide body (g)468,214 [graph]
Blue dragonhide chaps (g)Blue dragonhide chaps (g)464,246 [graph]
Total price932,460
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Components and bonuses

Main-handOff-hand Attributes Style bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence Constitution Prayer Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Blue dragonhide body (g)Blue dragonhide body (g) - - - - - - 195 0 0 - - -
Blue dragonhide chaps (g)Blue dragonhide chaps (g) - - - - - - 187 0 0 - - -
Totals - - - - - - 382 0 0 - - -
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