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Blurite ore is an ore used in the hilt of the blurite sword in The Knight's Sword quest and in crossbows and bolts. It can be mined by a player with level 10 Mining, and grants 17.5 mining experience when mined. It is also used in the quest Defender of Varrock.

Rocks containing blurite are found only in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon mine in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, located south of Port Sarim on the tip of the Asgarnian peninsula. The Ice Caves are the toughest dungeon mine in the free-to-play world, guarded by Ice warriors and Ice giants. The Wise Old Man will offer to buy this ore for 4 coins each after completion of The Knight's Sword.

At level 8 Smithing, blurite ore can be smelted into a blurite bar for smithing into blurite bolts or blurite crossbow limbs for use in a blurite crossbow. Smithing blurite crossbow limbs is one of the medium Falador Tasks.

While wearing the Varrock Armour 3 there's a very high chance of mining double the ore.


Blurite ore Blurite ore
Mining level Mining 10
Source Blurite rock
Experience (per ore)
Mining 17.5 XP
Equipment 2.065 XP
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  • This ore may be a play on words on "blue, right?", which is backed up by its examine text.
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