Bob (smith) chathead

Bob is a Lumbridge smith who runs the shop Bob's Brilliant Axes. He has distributed many fliers advertising his business and offering competitive pricing.

When the Lumbridge Castle cellar was broken into during The Lost Tribe, he proposed reacting violently to the transgressors.[1] When diplomatic ties were being established between Lumbridge and Dorgesh-Kaan, a Dorgeshuun goblin, Zanik, was sent to the surface. When she visited Bob's shop, he yelled at her to leave, insulting her, believing her to be like the violent goblins surrounding Lumbridge.[2] However, he later got over his xenophobic feelings towards the Dorgeshuun, selling a bronze hatchet to Gamdin, a Dorgeshuun tourist.

Bob serves as taskmaster for the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks, handing out and replacing the Explorer's ring 2 after completion of the easy task set.

Bob is capable of repairing degraded equipment at the normal price, a trait which is shared by the Tindel Marchant, Squire and Dunstan.


  • It is implied he lives in his shop, because upstairs, there is a room with a bed and dresser. A level 2 woman, possibly his wife, also resides upstairs.


  1. ^ Bob, "The Lost Tribe", RuneScape. "No. But we should find whoever is responsible and slay them! With an axe!"
  2. ^ Bob, "Death to the Dorgeshuun", RuneScape. "We don't serve the likes of that thing in here."
Bob's baxes

The updated battleaxes and hatchets.

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