Bob shirts are shirts depicting Bob the Jagex Cat. They are not very popular due to their highly expensive price, and that they match almost nothing. Some people wear them when they clear a treasure trail to show them off, then they probably sell it, while others just collect them on their Treasure Chest of the POH Costume Room. These shirts can be obtained from level 1 treasure trails. They have no armour bonuses. Some people also buy Bob Shirts because of the "silk" look they have.

Oddly enough, the price of all Bob shirts are the same colour trend as Partyhats, even though there is no black partyhat. (Blue being the most expensive and Purple being the least expensive)

The prices (Greatest to Least) are:

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-The examine text could be obsolete due to the face that there is no more wilderness PvP. This could change because wilderness PvP is said to come back.

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