File:Body altar outside.png

The body altar.

File:Body altar location.PNG

The location of the body altar.

File:Body altar.PNG

Inside the body altar.

The body altar is located south of Varrock in lumbridge At 7.5 experience per rune essence, it is the highest Runecrafting experience if the person is only using normal rune essence. To get access to the body altar, a person must be at a minimum Runecrafting level of 20.

The 'Temple of the Body' (as is the name given to actual runecrafting area) is a pink, heart-shaped area, reflecting the "body" element of the rune. The roots are coloured purple so they resemble blood vessels. With the introduction of The Great Orb Project activity, the body altar received a graphical makeover and now the roots resemble pulsating blood vessels. Soft heartbeat sounds can also be heard from the altar. The closest bank for non-members is located in Edgeville. The closest bank for members is located in Soul Wars.

The quickest way to get there is through the body altar teleport tablet. These tablets can be obtained from The Great Orb Project for tokens obtained in the activity. Other ways include using the combat bracelet's Monastery teleport, or the Skull sceptre's teleport to Barbarian Village. However, the latter can only be used several times before it breaks.

The music track "Heart and Mind" is unlocked at the body altar.


  • In the Great Orb Project, there is currently a glitch which allows a player to get stuck between a specific tangle of veins by making barriers and then passing through them. If a person not from the game gets stuck, the only way out for that player is if the player teleports.
  • The law altar is seen at west of the altar.
  • The fire altar is seen at east of the altar.
  • By looking INTO the altar itself (the centerpiece used to bind runes), blue and green circles can be seen floating in mid-air.
  • The shape of the temple on the map looks vaguely like a heart.
  • If you look closely, you can see the veins moving.
  • When listening to the beginning of the music piece, "Heart and Mind" (which is unlocked by entering the body altar), you can hear a beat that sounds like the beating of the heart.
  • When looking into the Task System while you're in the altar, it says Burthope/Taverley.
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