Bolt pouch detail

A bolt pouch allows members to carry more bolts. It can be purchased from the crossbow salesdwarf Hirko at the Keldagrim Crossbow Shop. Players can only own one bolt pouch at a time. This item is not available in his trade selection, as players must speak to Hirko about crossbow ammo and he will tell them about the pouch and ask if they would like to purchase it for 1,500 coins.

This item does not appear on gravestones, and you will lose all bolts (that were stored in the pouch) upon death, unless you are playing a safe minigame. When dying a player will always lose this item, regardless of factors to keep their items.

Bolt pouch menu

The bolt pouch menu when left-clicked

Bolt pouches can only hold 4 different kinds of bolts. To store bolts in a pouch, players have to use them with the pouch. Left-clicking on the pouch will open a menu showing players what bolts are currently in the pouch. Each of the four slots can hold up to 255 bolts. Bolts can be removed from the pouch or equipped by right-clicking on them. The bolt pouch can be a very useful item because, in the case of player-versus-player combat or some bosses, it can save up to 3 free slots in one's inventory.

Bringing a bolt pouch on certain Slayer assignments is an effective way to save space if the monster is a major bolt dropper. Skeletal Wyverns drop many different kinds of bolts, so it would be a good idea to bring a bolt pouch.

Bakriminel and fragment bolts currently cannot be placed in a bolt pouch.

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