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For the ability to add bones to a fire, see Cremation.
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Adding logs

A player adding logs to a bonfire

Bonfire logs craft menu

The "craft" menu when adding to bonfires

Bonfires are one of the best methods for training firemaking released with an update on 10 May 2012. It introduces the feature of being able to add more logs directly onto a fire.

There are 3 permanent or everlasting bonfires in Gielinor. Prifddinas has 2, one in the Tower of Voices, the other in the Max Guild, and Menaphos has 1, which is located in the Worker district.

This training method is available to members and non-members. This activity also gives strange rocks, and Treasure hunter keys.

Other players may add logs onto your fire, and everyone contributing will receive bonus firemaking experience for the logs added. Also, the player receives a health boost depending on their firemaking level, and the type of logs used. Cooking food/fish on the fire will provide +10% boost to cooking experience.

Bonfires last different lengths of time based on the type of logs used to create them. The colour of the logs will also be different depending on the type of logs used. This is most noticeable with magic logs. Logs are added to a bonfire, at a rate of 3.6 seconds for every burned. It is also important to note that a bonfire will die away after a set amount of time, even if you keep adding logs to it.

Logs can be added to a bonfire in three ways:

  1. Right click on the log and "Use" it on an already lit fire.
  2. Right-click on an already lit fire and select "Use" and then choose "Add to bonfire".
  3. Left-click on the log to open the "Choose a Tool" interface while standing near a fire, then select "Add to bonfire".

Just like when you chop down a tree, your player will keep adding logs to the fire without you needing to click constantly. It is possible for players with a low firemaking level to burn their hand and be unable to throw a log into a bonfire occasionally.

Bonfires can be lit during Dungeoneering; fires themselves do not have a "use" option, but branches can be added to bonfires through the "craft" menu or by using them on the fire. The health boost can be obtained, but it will not grant increased Cooking or Firemaking experience.

A giant bonfire was featured in the middle of the Lumbridge Crater, made by Guido Fawkes, for the Celebration of Fire.


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Using logs with a bonfire instead of starting a new fire grants the following experience values. These values may change depending on your firemaking level. These also may be increased with the firemaking boosts detailed below. Players can expect to burn anywhere from 800-990 logs per hour depending on if the player is focused, using presets, and using a BoB familiar. 1 log is burned every 3.6 seconds, for logs maple and higher.
Log type Experience
Regular Bonfire (1 Player) Bonfire (5+ Players) Bonfire (5+ Players) with:
Regular 40 50 52 58
Achey tree (m) 40 50 52 58
Oak 60 85 88.4 96
Willow 90 105 109.2 115.8
Teak(m) 105 120 124.8 132.2
Arctic pine(m) 125 130 136.5 143.3
Maple* 135 135 to 175[source needed] 140.4 to 182 147.4 to 191.1
Acadia(m) 140 167.6 174.3
Mahogany(m) 157.5 180 189 198.5
Eucalyptus(m) 193.5 195 204.75 215
Yew* 202.5 220 to 260[source needed] 228.8 to 270.25 240.2 to 283.8
Magic(m) 303.8 309.5 320 338
Corrupted magic(m) 319 321.9 334.776
Blisterwood(m) 303.8 309.5 320 338
Cursed magic(m) 303.8 309.5 320 338
Elder(m) 434[source needed] 449[source needed] 457.6 490
Driftwood(m) 454[source needed]

* The experience rate of these logs have been shown to be dependent on the player's Firemaking level. The table shows "#1 to #2", #1 being the exp gained at level the minimum Firemaking level, and #2 being the exp gained at level 99 Firemaking.


Firemaking boost

Group Bonfire

A group of players adding to a bonfire

Adding logs into a bonfire that is being used by more players grants a Firemaking experience boost compared to the basic experience for adding logs to one's own bonfires.
Players XP Boost
2 1%
3 2%
4 3%

A significant boost is also obtained through utilising bonfires based on the player's firemaking level. For every firemaking level, the experience granted is boosted by a small, constant percentage. This effect is immediately noticeable when levelling up during training, as the maximum experience gained through burning the same logs instantly increases by 1 on many occasions.

This boost can be further increased by the aid of other items boosting Firemaking experience, such as the ring of fire, flame gloves, the Dwarven army axe, and Bonus experience, though Summoning familiars do not add to the boost.

Life point boosts

After adding 5 logs or bones of the same type in a row to a bonfire, a boost to the maximum life points cap will be applied, equal to 1-5% of the total life points originating from the player's Constitution level and worn equipment. The percentage of life points boosted depends on the player's Firemaking level, and the duration of the boost depends on the type of logs used on an existing bonfire, regardless of the type of log used to start the bonfire. The boost stacks additively with the life point boosts from the thermal bath, Fortitude, and life point boosting equipment. The bonfire boost carries into any dungeons entered after receiving it, and remains even on death.

The timer will continue running even when logged out.

The ability to permanently extend the duration of the life point boost by 25% may be purchased from Death with 250 Reaper points, or alternatively with 2,500 Slayer points.

Firemaking level Life point boost
1-9 1%
10-19 1.3%
20-29 1.5%
30-39 2%
40-49 2.5%
50-59 2.7%
60-69 3.6%
70-79 3.9%
80-89 4.2%
90-97 4.6%
98-99 5%
Log type Bone type Boost Time
Wolf bones
Troll lieutenant's bones
Troll general bones
Skeletal monkey bones(m)
Monkey bones
Small zombie monkey bones(m)
Large zombie monkey bones(m)
Bat bones
6 minutes
Oak Big bones
Jogre bones(Burnt)(m)
Small ninja monkey bones(m)
Medium ninja monkey bones(m)
Gorilla bones(m)
Bearded gorilla bones(m)
12 minutes
Willow[1] Zogre bones(m)
Shaikahan bones(m)
18 minutes
Teak(m) Baby dragon bones 24 minutes
Arctic pine(m)
Corrupted magic logs(m)
30 minutes
Maple Wyvern bones(m) 36 minutes
Acadia(m) 38 minutes
Mahogany logs(m) 42 minutes
Eucalyptus logs(m) Dragon bones(m) 48 minutes
Yew Airut bones(m)
Fayrg bones(m)
Dagannoth bones(m)
54 minutes
Raurg bones(m) 60 minutes
Frost dragon bones(m)
Ourg bones(m)
66 minutes
  1. ^ Cursed versions can also be added.
  2. ^ Cursed versions can also be added.

Cooking boost

When cooking on a bonfire (excluding the bonfires in Prifddinas), players receive a 10% boost in Cooking experience. This stacks with other boosts and bonuses to Cooking experience, like the dwarven army axe and bonus experience. If a bonfire goes out while a player is cooking food, they will receive regular experience rather than boosted experience for that piece of food if it is successfully cooked.

Burning time and speed

Each type of log has a fixed burning timer; the better the log, the longer a fire will burn. It takes 3.6 seconds to put each log onto a bonfire. A log with a longer burning time enables players to cook on the fire or add additional logs to the fire for a longer time without needing to start another fire. Therefore, it is beneficial to use better logs when lighting bonfires. Examining a fire reveals the type of log burned.

Log type Approximate burn duration*
Regular 2 minutes 00 seconds (120 seconds)
Oak 2 minutes 20 seconds (140 seconds)
Willow 2 minutes 50 seconds (170 seconds)
Teak(m) 3 minutes 10 seconds (190 seconds)
Maple 3 minutes 30 seconds (210 seconds)
Acadia(m) 3 minutes 50 seconds (230 seconds)
Arctic(m) 3 minutes 20 seconds (200 seconds)
Mahogany(m) 4 minutes 00 seconds (240 seconds)
Yew 5 minutes 00 seconds (300 seconds)
Magic(m) 5 minutes 30 seconds (330 seconds)
Blisterwood(m) 5 minutes 30 seconds (330 seconds)
Elder(m) 6 minutes 00 seconds (360 seconds)
Protean(m) 6 minutes 00 seconds (360 seconds)

* This is the approximate duration a single log will burn, giving time to add additional logs to a bonfire, or to cook over the fire.

Fire spirit

Fire spirit
Main article: Fire spirit

Training Firemaking in this way also gives the possibility of finding strange fire spirits who will reward you for freeing them from their wooden prisons.

The chance of freeing a fire spirit is not based on the type of logs used. It was confirmed that every log holds a 1/100 chance to release a fire spirit. Fire spirits last for one minute before disappearing. It is possible for multiple Fire Spirits to be present concurrently.

To free them, the player must click on the spirit. The spirit gives rewards, usually some common runes, coins, ore (noted), gems, ashes and various charms.

Fire spirits are an excellent way for low levelled players to get charms for summoning. Getting charms this way is slower, but players will not have to fight high levelled enemies to get charms using this method.



  • Bonfires were introduced on the day of Lag BaOmer, a Jewish holiday which some celebrate by having a party around a bonfire.
  • Using a coloured log (gnomish firelighters) on any bonfire will change the colour of the flame, corresponding to the colour of the log.
  • Magpies are a useful familiar to use whilst lighting bonfires, as they easily gather around 20-30k per spirit pouch from gems and jewellery, resulting in an easy way to make money with minimal effort.
  • There is a graphical glitch where if the player is holding a bow and warms their hands on the fire, the bow will remain visible in the player's hand. The same thing happens with the Tome of Frost.
  • During the 2014 April Fools event, the default bonfire animation was changed from throwing logs onto the fire to throwing a random coloured party hat instead. It later became an unlockable animation during the RuneScape Road Trip challenge that same year.
  • The bonfire at the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas and the bonfire in the Worker district do not give the extra 10% XP to Cooking that regular bonfires do.
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